Salon Disegno

Jim Kalina

Jim Kalina - Stylist
Salon Disegno - Lawrenceville

Techniques I’m currently working on: perfecting the art and precision of design

Mantra: we're here to make good things happen for other people

Coolest places I’ve been: NYC, Jamaica, LA

Places I want to visit: Italy, Paris, the Grand Canyon

What makes me laugh: my brothers and good standup comedy

Currently obsessed with: precision hair cutting, pixies , coffee, fitness, shooting and editing video

Something on my bucket list: win a NAHA award, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

A book or movie that has recently inspired me: Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, that book changed my life. Also the Vidal Sassoon documentary “How one man changed the world with a pair of scissors” will always inspire me!

What I like to do in my spare time: strength training, spend time with my family, read, discover new restaurants

Restaurant that I love right now: I mostly eat at home but I do love Parkside District and Sperata in downtown Buford

When did you know that you wanted to do hair? I had a gut feeling throughout highschool that it's what I wanted to do. It wasn't until I was 25 that I decided to quit my day job and attend hairschool. It was the best and most important decision I could've ever made.

What inspires your creativity? People-watching, it's true, as a stylist, the first quality you notice of a person is their hair! I'm always inspired seeing work from the best in the industry as well as attending frequent education classes.

What celebrity always has great hair?  Jon Hamm, t-swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize theron

Describe your personal style? I would say polished. I'm a firm believer of staying neatly-groomed and well-dressed. I'm big in to men's fashion, mostly classic looks with modern fits. Think Daniel Craig's James Bond . I'd ALWAYS prefer to be overdressed.