Salon Disegno

Holly Porter

Holly Porter - Stylist / Salon Educator / REDKEN Certified Colorist
Salon Disegno- Lawrenceville


Techniques I’m currently working on: I'm 100% in my element, cutting pixie haircuts. I also love curly hair, and work with a lot of fine/thin hair 

Mantra: To thine own self, be true 

Coolest places I’ve been: I visited some vineyards in California and didn't want to leave 

Places I want to visit: New Zealand, Greece, Paris 

What makes me laugh: New Girl, sarcasm, when people fall 

Currently obsessed with: Making my kid laugh, cooking more, and razor haircuts 

Something on my bucket list: An all-inclusive beach vacation with my husband 

What I like to do in my spare time: Spend time with my rad son, Oliver, binge watch TV shows, and browse antique shops for treasures 

Restaurant that I love right now: Local Republic and JCT Kitchen 

Q & A:

When did you know that you wanted to do hair? I always knew I wanted a career working close to people. That, combined with the fact that my hair was always something I took pride in, becoming a stylist just made sense! 

What inspires your creativity? Clean spaces, watercolor art, pretty much anything floral 
What celebrity always has great hair? Blake Lively and Ginnifer Goodwin 
Describe your personal style? A lot of black, comfort is of high importance, professional with a little edge