Salon Disegno

Haley Shaw

Haley Shaw - Hair Stylist

Currently working on: practicing and perfecting different color and cutting techniques and growing my business

Mantra: Donít think it, do it

Places I want to visit: I want to travel the whole world! But the top of my list is Paris

Things that make me laugh: funny animal videos and every episode of Friends

Currently obsessed with: any and every braided updo

Something on my bucket list: get scuba certified and cage dive with sharks

A book that inspires me: You Are A Badass

When did you know you wanted to do hair: I always had difficult, crazy hair to style so I just got really good at doing my own, so then I started practicing and recreating looks on my friends and realized that I loved it!

What inspires your creativity: my clients! And also new trends in fashion that translate to hair

What advice would you give someone considering coloring their hair: To trust the process! Keep you happy and your hair healthy is my main focus

How do you customize your service for each customer: That is my favorite part about my job. We are all so different, and that is the beauty of it! Finding a look that is personalized for your hair type, facial features, and lifestyle is key, and having fun while doing it is just a bonus!

What celebrity always has great hair: Lucy Hale

Describe your personal style: Boho Chic mixed with Casual