Salon Disegno

Sierra Pulmano

Sierra Pulmano - Hair Stylist

Currently working on:  Perfecting my blonde clients and short textured haircuts

Mantra: Whether you can or can't, you're right

Places I want to visit: Australia and Ireland, but really everywhere. I want to see the whole planet.

Things that make me laugh: My husband and pets always keep me smiling and laughing.

Currently obsessed with: Anything DIY and farmhouse decor

Something on my bucket list: Fill up my passport with as many stamps as possible

A book that inspires me: Three feet from gold

When did you know you wanted to do hair:  I've always wanted to do hair. I had looked at it as a pipe dream. But as I've grown and matured I seen it was time to grab what I want.

What inspires your creativity: The whole world around me, creativity is everywhere!

What advise would you give someone considering coloring their hair for the first time: It's hair have fun with it, you never know how much you'll like something until you try it.

How do you customize your service for each customer: Each client needs to feel confident and comfortable when they walk out of our salon. I think it's important to listen and inspire. Everyone is different, so respect for each clients' individuality is a priority.

What celebrity always has great hair: Julianne Hough and Jennifer Lopez

Describe your personal style: I like a good pair of jeans, oversized shirts, and I LOVE boots!